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Moving to Columbus, OH?

Columbus, OH has about 850,000 residents. It is the capital city of the state of Ohio. The city was founded in 1812 and has been growing rapidly ever since. Columbus is famous for its art, culture, and food. There is something for everyone in this city. When starting a business, Columbus is the best place to start since it has the calling of one of the top cities for business. It also holds the place in the top ten in Relocate America. Columbus is very interesting in terms of the location because about 50 percent of the US population lives within a 500 miles radius of the city. Baltimore is one of these cities, is about 400 miles away. This is about a six and a half hour drive.


Columbus to baltimore

We Can Transport Your Car With Ease!

Baltimore Car Transport can ship any type of vehicle with ease from Baltimore, MD to Columbus, OH. We also ship nationally. If you need to transport a vehicle, we can ship the vehicle directly to your door. If you own an exotic vehicle, instead of putting extra miles on it, which decreases the value, we can securely ship it to you with our secure and hassle-free enclosed car transport option.


Your vehicle will safely reach you due to our professional drivers who follow all safety regulations and are trained. You can request a free quote on our website. We also have special discounts available for military, students, and senior citizens.