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Going Down to Fort Worth, TX?

Fort Worth to baltimoreFort Worth, TX was established in 1849. Before becoming a city that is home to 833,00 residents, Fort Worth was serving as an army post during the Mexican-American War. Seven army posts became built in 1848-1849 and Fort Worth is one of them. The USS Fort Worth is the first ship of the United States Navy that is in honor of the city.


Today, the Tarrant County Courthouse is in the same location of the original fort. The city is surrounded itself with heritage and history. They strongly embrace their heritage which the cattle industry influences heavily. In the 1920’s, when oil was struck, the city became the “Pipeline Center of Texas”.


An interesting fact about the city of Fort Worth is that a whopping 60 percent of paper money in America is printed at the U.S Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Fort Worth. Also, Fort Worth is one of the best places for business and careers according to Forbes since 2013.


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