Jacksonville, FL Awaits Your Arrival.

Jacksonville, FL is home to 868,031 Jaxsons. Andrew Jackson, the most famous seventh Us President and also the first military governor of the Florida Territory, was the inspiration behind the name of the city. ┬áIt is also where Florida’s 3rd largest seaport. Jacksonville also makes for the third largest military presence in the United States, with two US Navy Bases.

The main factors that make up the economy are banking, insurance, healthcare, and logistics. Tourism is also a big contributor to the economy of Jacksonville. The city is also a very busy point of entry, in regards to rail, air, and highway. Import and export has a heavy focus. The main exports are lumber, phosphate, paper, cigars, & wood pulp. The main imports are automobiles and coffee. The city is also the birth place of “The Blues”, it was officially performed here for the first time.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown city skyline.

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