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Tucson, AZ is the City to See!

Tucson, ¬†AZ is the second largest city in the state of Arizona, in regards to population. The University of Arizona runs a big chunk of the city’s economic development. The university is the second largest employer in the city. Alongside the university is Raytheon Missile Systems and Davis Monthan Airforce base which both employ a great number of residents. Tuscon is a major center in regard to the Union Pacific Railroad’s Sunset route, which is a link between the port of Los Angeles and the south and southeastern parts of the nation.


Tourism brings in a lot of support for the economy as well. Two billion in revenue a year is brought in by over three billion vacationers. Also, the Tuscon Gem and Mineral show is a very popular sight in the city. Therefore, many people travel just to catch the show. In addition, Snowbirds or residents from colder states, travel to Tuscon because of its mild winters. A lot of these snowbirds have a second home in the city.

TUCSON to baltimore

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