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The Capital of the United States, Washington, DC is Calling for You.

Washington, DC  is the capital of the United States. About 670,000 people live and work here. The home of the White House is the center of all three branches of the government. Congress, the President, and the Supreme court all call Washington, DC their home. Many historical monuments and museums are in the city. This city also has 176 foreign embassies within its limits.


Aside from government, education, finance, public policy, and scientific research contribute to the well being of the economy. But, tourism is the second largest contributor. Annually, about 4.8  billion dollars comes from 18.9 million visitors. Furthermore, these visitors arrive with the hope to see the white house, Andrew Jackson Statue, or the Library of the Congress. Also, the Library of the Congress is the largest library in the world.


Washington to baltimore

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