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Baltimore truckers protest

Why Are Truckers’ Protesting at Baltimore Container Terminal?

February 5, 2019

Even though temperatures are below freezing, truckers are still protesting at the Baltimore Container Terminal. Why? Because delays leave these truckers waiting in their trucks for as long as eight-hours just to pick up one c...Read More

downtown baltimore

What’s going down in Downtown Baltimore?

January 4, 2019

Downtown Baltimore. For over ten years, the city has been trying to fi...Read More

Squeegee Kids

December 10, 2018

Now a new fad in Baltimore, many young people are attempting to make cash by becoming seasoned window washers. Although, many within the community consider this active pan-handling. Originally started by kids trying to make extra money, these “S...Read More

baltimore murder rate

What Will Help Baltimore Reduce High Murder Rate? Here are some major questions

November 2, 2018

The residents of Baltimore are looking for some ways to address about the out of control murder rate, however, there is more information needed about how it is working and how it’s not. Baltimore Police Department has some pressure on which force t...Read More

baltimore school armed officers

More Discipline or More Crime? Arming Baltimore Schools Can Harm More

October 16, 2018

Baltimore’s school board starts a debate over arming city’s School Police Officers. The board is asking some public interest before it will take a position about the issue.   During the debate that took place 3 years ago, a bill author...Read More

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