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Baltimore Police Shoot Man Threatening to Harm Himself

November 27, 2019

BALTIMORE, MD – Baltimore County Police responde...Read More

Funeral For Elijah Cummings Takes Place In Baltimore

October 25, 2019

BALTIMORE, MD – A funeral service to honor U.S. Rep. Elijah Cumming...Read More

East Baltimore Fire: Two Severely Injured

September 24, 2019

BALTIMORE — A fire in East Baltimore Monday night leaves two people seriously injured. The fire was reported near Patterson Park on Monday night. The fl...Read More

Multiple shootings

Two Die and Others Injured in Multiple Baltimore Shootings

August 16, 2019

BALTIMORE, MD – Two men were fatally wounded and five others were injured in four separate shootings throughout the Baltimore area on Thursday evening. Victims from the shooting fall between the ages of 17 all the way up to...Read More

officer shot

Officer Shot at Methadone Clinic

July 16, 2019

BALTIMORE, MD – Emergency officials admitted a Baltimore police officer into Shock Trauma. Armed suspects wounded the officer in a shooting at a methadone clinic that occurred on Monday morning. The incident left a suspect ...Read More


Baltimore Rape Involves Police

June 13, 2019

BALTIMORE, MD – The Baltimore Police Department is investigating a r...Read More

murder victim

Murder Victim Married to Two Men

May 13, 2019

BALTIMORE, MD – A Maryland murder victim was simultaneously married to two different men. The woman was killed as she exited her office. In fact, police revealed one was a convicted Baltimore drug kingpin. ...Read More


Gunfire at Cookout Kills 1, Injures 7

May 10, 2019

BALTIMORE, MD – Eight people were wounded by gunfire, resulting in one death in West Baltimore this past Sunday evening. The gun violence occurred at a cookout where authorities say a man started shooting. ...Read More



April 8, 2019

BALTIMORE, MD — Political drama in Baltimore. City Council calls on May...Read More

12-vehicle crash

12-Vehicle Crash Kills 7-Year-Old Boy

March 13, 2019

BEL AIR, MD – A 12-vehicle crash occurred early this week in Bel Air. As a result, two people have died, and more are injured. Among the dead is a seven-year-old boy. The boy, identified by ...Read More

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