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Open Car Transport

Open Car Transport
When it comes to shipping a car, there are two methods of moving a vehicle. The most common is shipping a car in an open trailer. You might have seen open car carriers on the road hauling several cars at least once. The reason open car transport is so popular is this method’s affordability. While enclosed auto shipping is the most secure option, it is usually used for exotic cars. For relocation it is best to choose open auto transport: it is still absolutely safe while the price is lower. And our company will be happy to provide you with this type of transportation!


Open Car Transport with Baltimore Car Transport

If you are relocating to or from Baltimore and looking to save money, we recommend you using open auto transport. We will pick up your car at your location and deliver it door to door in an open trailer. Our driver will properly secure your vehicle and make sure it travels safely. Additionally, you will not have to worry about insurance because your car will be protected with our car carrier’s coverage for the time of transit. So as you can see, open auto shipping is no hassle for you, as it is as safe as it is affordable and convenient.


If you are looking to ship a retro car or sports car, or other exotic vehicles, you should consider enclosed auto shipping. While more expensive, it ensures the best protection for your vehicle during transportation. If you choose this method, your car will be shipped in an enclosed trailer. This way, it will be protected from weather, road dirt, dust, and debris.


Whichever method you choose, do not hesitate to contact Baltimore Car Transport with any questions. You can get a free quote from us online or over the phone.