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Truck Drivers Not Happy With Proposed Rule On Speed Limit Devices

You are currently viewing Truck Drivers Not Happy With Proposed Rule On Speed Limit Devices
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The Department of Transportation proposed a new rule that would require heavy trucks to be equipped with speed limit devices on Sep. 7 and have been seeking public comment from the trucking industry since. Around 2,000 comments have already been submitted from truck drivers all over the country. And the comments are mostly about how angry truck drivers are about the new rule.

The proposed speed limit has not been specified and can be either 60, 65 or 68 miles per hour. Apparently, the USDOT is still working on the rule proposal, and it has not finalized a specific limit. However, that hasn’t stopped truckers from voicing their anger at the proposal. They are saying that, no matter what the limit actually is, it’s going to have major consequences for truckers.

Truck Drivers Rail Against Rule Proposal

The majority of comments have been submitted by truck drivers who are not happy with the proposed rule. One of the main concerns is a safety threat of limiting heavy vehicles’ speed. The passenger cars tend to run faster and if the car’s speed is at 70 or 80 miles per hour and the truck runs 5 or 15 miles per hour slower, the car’s closing rate will be faster which can create a dangerous situation.

On top of that, these limiters could create or worsen traffic jams. If truckers are unable to speed up and pass one another, they may wind up in a situation where two trucks occupy both lanes of a two-lane highway. With both trucks traveling at essentially the same speed, they won’t be able to allow either one to pass.

Truckers encounter situations like the ones above rather frequently. Therefore, the USDOT should really think about taking their insights into account with this new rule. Safety on the road is important, but lower speeds don’t always lead to more safety.

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