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Two Shootings in Three Days at Baltimore Gas Station

You are currently viewing Two Shootings in Three Days at Baltimore Gas Station
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Baltimore was shocked this week. Within 3 days, 2 gas stations shootings have occurred at the same gas station. The gas station is located near Morgan State University in Baltimore.

Here is what happened, on Friday at about 1:15 am, a 20 year old man was shot while sitting in his car near the gas station. The bullet hit arm while the shooter fired shots in a crowd, thankfully, no one else was hurt.

On Sunday afternoon around 2 pm at the same gas station, a man was jumped and beaten by two other men while buying a bottled drink. The fight included gun fire which injured a 19 yr old male who was not involved in the fight. The bullet hit his shoulder. The whole fight was caught on the surveillance tapes which were viewed by the police.

The police say the location is very popular for drug dealers and is not somewhere most people would like to hang out. They call the area a “drug hub”. Police have stepped up patrol in the area but the gas station owner has a responsibility of getting his own security.

The police, gas station owner and Morgan State University officials are working together to make the area safer. The gas station owner, Faisal Khan has already put up signs that state “No Hanging out in the Store” and “Enforced by the Police”. The owner is also considering hiring security guards and installing more devices for surveillance.

Faisal Khan, the gas station owner, stated that in the past 16 years that they have owned the gas station the crime rates have never been this high. Most of the customers of the gas station, about 60 percent, are student of the university and have been advised to stay away from the area until security is improved.

This is not a problem only for the area but also is a big problem for Baltimore. Crime rates are rising greatly in Baltimore. If crimes do not occur in this part of town they will occur somewhere else.

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  1. Kelli Clark

    This article was so informative and I hate to hear this going on at the gas stations especially since it’s near a college. I love the way the article was well written and provided me with all the important information.

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