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Six Children Dead In A House Fire In Baltimore

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A tragic incident occurred in Baltimore on Thursday morning when a house caught on fire with ten family members inside. The three story house caught fire near the predawn hours on Thursday.

Fire and Smoke was present in all the floors of the house. Eventually, the roof collapsed causing each floor to collapse to a lower floor. The firefighters described the scene as horrendous. Evidently, the fire spread incredibly quickly, engulfing the house in flames within mere minutes. And the family inside did their best to escape, but it wasn’t possible for them all to get out.

Six bodies have been recovered from the rubble and all have been identified as children. The deceased children include a nine month old boy, a two year old boy, three year old twin girls, a ten year old girl, and an eleven year old girl.

Other Four Family Members Caught in House Fire Hospitalized

Four family members are currently being hospitalized including two of the boys ages four and five. They’re at John Hopkins Hospital receiving treatment for relatively minor injuries. The mother, Katie Malon, is at Bayview Medical Center in critical condition.

An eight year old girl helped get her brothers out of the fire. Her condition is improving ,and she may get out of the hospital soon.

The neighbor, Robert Spencer, tried to help the children trapped in the house but couldn’t because he was blocked by the blaze. He said he could hear the children yelling and explained how he thought it was a scene from a movie. He said it was very traumatizing, which is easy to understand.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family. If you have any spare money to donate to this family, please do so. They are currently enduring one of the worst tragedies that anyone could imagine.

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