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State of Emergency was declared by South California Governor for Hurricane Irma

You are currently viewing State of Emergency was declared by South California Governor for Hurricane Irma
Satellite photo of Hurricane Katrina over The Gulf of Mexico on August 28, 2005. This NOAA image is in the public domain. GOES-12 4 km infrared imagery.
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A state of emergency in South Carolina was declared by Henry McMaster on Wednesday for Hurricane Irma. This was after the official estimates for the storm removed east hence raising the chances of the first main hurricane strike in about 28 years for the state.

The above-mentioned declaration lets the state to undertake some steps for an emergency. It also allows McMaster to use the National Guard in case of necessity. By declaring a State of Emergency, McMaster is also signaling to the people of South Carolina that this is a very serious situation.

McMaster’s declaration was made after the forecast of National Hurricane Center which informed that the track of Irma put the scene of a major hurricane just near the coast of Florida, 200 miles away from Charleston.

As McMaster told on Wednesday during an already planned summit “We got this. We can’t stop the hurricane. If it comes, it’s going to be here, but we can be ready for it.”

Preparing for Hurricane Irma

In addition, McMaster announced that he is going to talk more about preparation steps at a news conference which will take place on Wednesday. Moreover, officials recommended residents who live near the cost to review hurricane guide of the State Emergency Management.

The last major hurricane that hit South Carolina was Hugo. Hugo touched down in 1989 with winds of 135mph. It killed 67 people and caused around $11 billion in damages. We know about Irma well in advance, so the loss of life may not be so bad. However, the damage will almost certainly exceed that number.

Irma which came on Wednesday had 185 mph and was one of the powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever in history. Cities up and down the east coast are in serious peril. From Jacksonville to Boston, the eastern seaboard is in serious danger.

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