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Double Homicide at an Baltimore Apartment: Police Investigating

You are currently viewing Double Homicide at an Baltimore Apartment: Police Investigating
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BALTIMORE, Maryland — A crowd of people, including homicide detectives, is on scene around an apartment building in Towson. Two men are dead after an unknown incident that detectives are investigating as a double homicide.

Two bodies were found in an apartment on Lambourne Road by a maintenance worker Monday. The worker entered the apartment in order to perform some necessary maintenance on the apartment. He instead found a grisly scene that led him to call the authorities.

Two men were found dead at an apartment on the 5th floor, said police. Their bodies lay on the floor in pools of blood.

Both men suffered major trauma to their bodies, including multiple serious wounds. They were pronounced dead at the scene by emergency responders.

Police say the call was received at 9:19 am, the deaths are being investigated as a double homicide.

Baltimore Homicide Came Out of Nowhere

Residents told they did not hear anything unusual overnight that would have alerted them to something happening. Given that, it seems unlikely that the men used guns for this incident. It’s more likely that the incident occurred with knives or some other sharp object.

The same apartment complex had trouble March 25th with someone yanking on the front door, breaking it.

Residents say they got an email from management about the incident but otherwise, they say security is tight. It seems as though the tenants in that particular apartment were ongoing problems. Therefore, it’s unfortunate that nothing happened to prevent this tragedy from taking place.

Police are working to identify the men and won’t have details on how they died until an autopsy is completed.

There is no more information about the incident at this time. They’ll update more as the investigation continues, including the cause of death and the identities of the men.

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