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Baltimore Man Struck and Killed by Light Rail Train in Crash

You are currently viewing Baltimore Man Struck and Killed by Light Rail Train in Crash
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BALTIMORE, Maryland — Baltimore City Fire crews and Police are on the scene of a fatal crash involving a light rail train and pedestrian.

According to Baltimore City Police, a pedestrian was struck by the train on N Howard St at W Lexington St. The man was walking across the tracks when the train struck him. We don’t know at this time why the man walked across the tracks at such a dangerous time. Whatever happened, he paid dearly for failing to pay proper attention.

The man died on the scene. After all, trains are pretty serious vehicles. It’s not easy to survive being hit by a train, whether you’re in a protective vehicle or just in your street clothes.

Police got the call at 8:35 am. and responded to the scene immediately. They secured the scene, preventing anyone else from contaminating it. They began their investigation of the cause of the fatal accident immediately.

What Caused the Baltimore Train Crash?

The cause of the crash is being investigated. However, it doesn’t seem as though the train was traveling in any abnormal way. Therefore, we’ll only know more about what happened when the police determine what the man was doing.

For now, all we know is that the incident will affect service for a while. Light Rail service is shut down between North Ave and Camden Yards. It will remain closed while the authorities continue their investigation. As of now, there is no timetable for the return of normal rail service. However, shuttle bus services are unaffected, continuing their work as usual.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Baltimore Police Department at 410-396-2606. If you know anything about what happened, even if you suspect that the police already know about it, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out. Any help that the police can get will be appreciated.

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