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Man Found Dead on Bleachers in Northeast Baltimore

You are currently viewing Man Found Dead on Bleachers in Northeast Baltimore
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Tuesday afternoon, a body was found in between bleachers in Northeast Baltimore.


People who spotted the body called the police to report it. The field is on Westfield Avenue by the Northern building.


When Baltimore police arrived at the field, the person was unconscious. They attempted to revive him, however, they did not succeed.


The person was pronounced dead.


Police are investigating the case to what may have led this man to his death. Investigators are calling it a “homicide.”


They may think it could be related to homicides of two other female individuals this week. Even though they do not think all the victims are connected to each other, the killing of all 3 victims seems very coincidental to investigators.


The man has wounds that assure the police this was a homicide.


Residents in the area claim that this field is not connected to the high school, however, students use it for practices.


Even though the city’s homicide numbers have been down compared to last year’s, locals are still concerned.


A neighbor who has lived by the field in Northeast Baltimore for decades says that this area is a calm and family-oriented place. But there have been a few cases where police were called to keep an eye on troubled teens by the field.


Detectives and police were at the location of the homicide for about 5 hours to collect any type of evidence they can get.


The Baltimore Police Department is asking people with information about this case to contact them immediately.


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