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Crash Kills 24-Year-Old Driving Recklessly on Dockser Drive

You are currently viewing Crash Kills 24-Year-Old Driving Recklessly on Dockser Drive
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A 24-year-old man from Mechanicsville passed away yesterday while driving on Dockser Drive.


Benjamin Daniel Warring was driving a Yamaha illegally on Dockser Drive.


Lots of people saw him driving recklessly. They said that he had his phone in his hand and was recording a video of himself while he was driving.


He was speeding, using his phone, and was not following traffic rules. This was what led to him crashing his car on Dockser Drive.


Saint Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office followed up with the case. They claimed that Warring did not stop at a stop sign that was by Sky View Drive.


He was not paying attention and crashed into a pickup truck on Dockser Drive.


The 21-year-old driver of the truck also told police what happened. Warring crashed into the passenger side of Vincent Wood’s truck. However, Wood did not suffer any injuries.


After the crash, police arrived at the scene and helped Warring get treated for his injuries.


While they were treating him, he stopped breathing. They quickly transported him to University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center.


He did not survive and died at the hospital.

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