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7-Year-Old Girl Shot in SouthWest Baltimore

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Baltimore, Maryland – Thursday afternoon a 7-year-old girl was shot in Southwest Baltimore while she was in the back seat of a car.

The shooting happened before 3 PM near Lyndhurst Street.

There were a total of three people in the car when the little girl, Taylor, was shot. Taylor and another child were in the backseat, and an adult was in the front driving the car.

Police have not reported whether the driver was Taylor’s mother or not.

A man found a cop in his car a few blocks away from the shooting scene and told the cop that a child had been shot.

The police officer called for medical assistance and they rushed Taylor to the trauma room.

Was Anyone Else Shot?

It is unknown whether Taylor was a target of the shooter or anyone else in the car was. It could also be that Taylor was shot by accident while the shooter was aiming somewhere else.

Taylor was not responsive when help arrived at the scene.

Gary Tuggle, the Interim Police Commissioner, visited Taylor when she was at Shock Trauma.

Mayor Catherine Pugh also paid a visit to Taylor and her family this morning.

Police are checking security cameras in the area for more evidence to lead to the shooter.

Locals complained about how bad the gun violence has been getting in the city, but “it’s getting worse,” a neighbor said.

Police are asking to be contacted if anyone has any information that will lead them to the shooter. If you have any information about the shooter, you absolutely should reach out to the police. This tragedy should not go unpunished.

Taylor remains in the hospital and has “pulled through” the night, but her family members are right by her side hoping she will fully recover from her gunshot wound.

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