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Workbench: An Educational Tech Company Making a Difference

You are currently viewing Workbench: An Educational Tech Company Making a Difference
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A Baltimore-based educational tech company called Workbench Education has been trying to expand throughout different Baltimore City Public Schools.

The company is trying to expand the use of learning interactively throughout 7 different schools in the next year.

The first school that Workbench demonstrated its pilot platform was at Wildwood Elementary and Middle School. The company held a meeting to teach the teachers how to use the technology and learn all about it to be able to use them in classrooms.

The platform created by Workbench will give teachers the opportunity to make lesson plans on topics that also have technology, such as drones and robots. This will allow students to receive interactive learning sessions.

Tech Company Offers Platform to Schools

These are the seven schools that are lucky to receive the platform that Workbench is offering:

  • Cherry Hill Elementary/ Middle School
  • Arundel Elementary School
  • Dorothy I. Height Elementary
  • Fort Worthington Elementary/ Middle School
  • Forest Park High School
  • Pimlico Elementary/ Middle School
  • Academy for College and Career Exploration

Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School is actually part of the $1.1 billion school construction program in Baltimore. This billion dollar program will work on advancing and reconstructing as many as 28 schools.

Not only are they rebuilding some of the schools, they will be adding and improving some of the programs and technology in the schools. After the project is done, students will have new resources as well as a modern environment to learn in.

The city is covering all the costs of using Workbench’s platform in each school. For each school, the cost of using this platform is $2,200 itself, but the schools do not need to worry about covering the cost. The company already has $5 million in funds already with just 17 employees working for the company.

The company is still willing to grow its business with the Baltimore school district, even after this project is done.

The CEO of Workbench, Chris Sleat, thinks that “City Schools is making great strides to prepare students for jobs that are being created here today in industries like manufacturing, hospitality, robotics, and software.”

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