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Baltimore City Solicitor Files Lawsuit Against Fuel Emission Companies

You are currently viewing Baltimore City Solicitor Files Lawsuit Against Fuel Emission Companies
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Baltimore, Maryland – One of the best lawyers in the city of Baltimore filed a lawsuit today against oil and gas companies.

Andre M. Davis, Baltimore City Solicitor, sued over two dozen companies that provide gas and oil in the city. In the lawsuit, he argues that the companies are responsible for worsening the global climate change.

Davis is suing on behalf of the city of Baltimore. He claims that these companies have not been working according to the laws of Maryland. Within the laws, the companies have violated a consumer safety statute is included as well.

The companies have been hiding the effects that fuel emissions have on climate change and refuse to admit how the two are connected.

Baltimore City Solicitor Was Once a Federal Judge

Davis was also a federal judge not too long ago. He claims that these businesses are well aware of the negative impacts fuel emissions have on our planet. In the lawsuit, he argues that “If it had been disclosed, the problem of climate could have been mitigated significantly.”

This lawsuit was filed in the Baltimore Circuit Court. Davis believes state courts will take action and put an end into this situation.

Some of these companies, such as BP, CONSOL Energy, and Citgo ship oils and gasses through the Port of Baltimore. While some of the other defendants, such as Hess Corp., ConocoPhillips, and Marathon Oil trade fuels and oils at gas stations in multiple cities in Maryland.

Other defendants involved in the lawsuit are international fuel companies, like Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Shell.

He made sure to be very precise and used facts to back up his argument. He explained how levels of carbon dioxide have risen in high numbers in the last decade and continue to rise every year.

However, Davis is not alone in this case. Mayor Catherine Pugh is also involved in the lawsuit and both have gotten lots of help from the law firm Sher Edling LLP.

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