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Hurricane Florence Impact on Baltimore Area

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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — Baltimore Gas and Electric officials expressed their concern about the impact of Hurricane Florence that has already started in Baltimore. Obviously, hurricanes can wreak great havoc on an area no matter the context that it arrives in. However, this hurricane has the potential to be worse than many others due to the events of this year.

The Baltimore area has already got a considerable amount of rain. The officials mention that the impactful storm may damage large trees in Druid Hill Park and ruin the crops. After all, crops are rather fragile when faced with heavy wind and rain.

Because of heavy rainfall so far this year, the area lost over 100 large trees. As the officials report, the number may greatly change. It all depends on the track of the hurricane and how far away it is and can change its course.

Utility team has called in extra manpower to help in the event of power outages and downed trees. The flooding can cause many potential issues with natural gas infrastructure, whether that be due to water damage or secondary damage from damage to other infrastructural elements. Calling in extra manpower will hopefully help the utility companies shore up their infrastructure before the coming storm.

Hurricane Florence Affects Much of Eastern Seaboard

Because of the risk, governors from Maryland to South Carolina have declared states of emergency to prepare for the possibility of a deluge from the slow-moving storm. It may be moving slowly, but the winds the storm will cause are anything but slow.

According to Tuesday’s forecast, the hurricane winds of up to 73 mph could arrive in parts of Maryland by Thursday night or Friday morning.

The state of Maryland is setting shelters. At the same time, they are urging people to gather as much supplies at home as possible.

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