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A Man Was Shot At His Brothers’ Burial Service: Retaliation Shooting in Baltimore

You are currently viewing A Man Was Shot At His Brothers’ Burial Service: Retaliation Shooting in Baltimore
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Baltimore, Maryland – A man died in a shooting on Wednesday just before his brother’s burial service, according to Baltimore County police.

On Thursday county police identified the man shot as Maurice Brown Jr. of 32-year-old. Another man of 25-year-old suffered a life-threatening injury. The 32-year-old died at the scene Mouth Zion Cemetery on Hollins Ferry Road in Lansdowne. There is no word on why the shooting occurred, but Brown died in the cemetery.

Brown is the older brother of 18-year-old Marcus Brown. Marcus died from gun violence and was about to be buried. The shooting that killed him took place in Baltimore, at 1400 block of North Street on August 25.

Police believe the case involves an exchange of gunfire. People who were present at the burial said Brown’s mother went to the hospital after the shooting. She had complaints of chest pains, which of course people interpreted to be a heart attack. However, as of now, she remains alive.

Burial Shooting Under Investigation by Baltimore Police

The case needs more investigation. Police are interviewing witnesses. The surveillance cameras just across the street were helpful for investigators.

Baltimore County police officer Jennifer Peach said it’s most likely to be a retaliation shooting. What the retaliation is for, we do not know. However, we can assume that something serious happened. After all, even people who kill people don’t usually do it at their family’s funeral.

The fatal shooting of Marcus Brown is being investigated by the Baltimore County police detectives and Baltimore City homicide.

One of the witnesses called Eric said he heard the gunshot and seen him fall. He was from Edmondson Village.

The Baltimore County police Forensic Unit returned to the scene of the crime on Thursday.

Funeral homes often warn burial officials about possible troubles at services. The cemetery now calls the police to keep watch.

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