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Baltimore Ranks in As The 63th Most Fun City in U.S

You are currently viewing Baltimore Ranks in As The 63th Most Fun City in U.S
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Baltimore, Maryland—Baltimore is named 63th Most Fun City in America.

What’s the definition of ‘’fun’’ city? It varies from person to person or, at least, from group to group. Some people like playing sports, going to amusement parks or bars.

Others are having fun at the movies, or at fine-dining places. The website defines a fun city as ‘’one that has a little bit of everything for everyone.

The website conducted a survey and compared about 200 U.S. cities. But what metrics did this list use to determine which cities were the most “fun,” a clearly subjective idea?

Why Does Baltimore Rank so Highly?

The metrics for ranking served such factors as ‘’fitness centers per capita’’ or movie costs to average open hours of breweries.

According to the results of survey conducted by the website, Baltimore ranks in as the 63th most fun city on the list. The ranking involved the categories such as entertainment and recreation (49), nightlife and parties (40), costs (139). Basically, the list did its best to leverage opportunity, i.e. how many things were happening, with accessibility. After all, you can do a lot of things in Los Angeles that you can’t do anywhere else, but they’ll often be prohibitively expensive. Conversely, affordable cities are often low on opportunities to have a great deal of fun.

Baltimore exceeded the cities like Detroit, which ranked at 64. It left cities like Greensboro (83) and Dover (172) in the dust.

Although the city’s ranking is not among worst, but there are cities that considered to be more fun. Thus, they leave Baltimore behind. Those cities include Boise in Indiana and Sacramento in California. These two cities combine affordability and opportunity to provide excellent fun for all residents, regardless of their economic standing. Hopefully Baltimore continues to expand its opportunities for people to have a great time!

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