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Freight Matching Start-up Aims for Fast Delivery

You are currently viewing Freight Matching Start-up Aims for Fast Delivery
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Aaron Peck and his crew were determined to give their new start-up a name with some pop. They wanted something that suggested power or fierceness.

“We wanted something that had strength in it, where there is nothing more powerful for you to put your freight,” Peck offered.

And, it should be noted, that Peck has a background in naming start-ups as Skurt, a rental car delivery app that sold to fair, was a project he was affiliated with.

This time he and his team settled on Mothership which refers to a ‘massive vehicle’ that dispatches smaller vehicles out of it.’ Peck argues that the name has a polarizing quality which was kinda the goal. To his eyes, it’s a name you’ll never forget.

Mothership, founded in 2017, uses historical driver data and machine learning to ‘intelligently dispatch’ trucks carrying first-and last-mile B2B palletized freight.

That all sounds well and good but what does it mean? Basically, it means the company links shippers up with the nearest drivers. Moreover, the app freight pools loads, or more directly, it adds shipments that pair up with the driver’s route. This way drivers are constantly picking up and dropping off loads.

According to Peck, these solutions are the answer to the challenges of an “Amazoned” world. In short, Amazon has created an environment where everybody expects same day delivery, however, most companies don’t have the means to keep up.

How it Works

What Mothership accomplishes is a speeding up of the delivery process. In effect, by beefing up capacity and getting as much out of each driver as possible, companies achieve close to same day delivery without incurring the extra cost.

More good news… The process is paperless and the drivers get paid the same day as the delivery.

Peck also noted that their technology increases efficiency of operations by up to 40 percent.

Mothership, however, is not the only game in town as many start-ups are elbowing into the space, final-mile freight market. Nevertheless, Mothership has grown by 500 percent year-over-year. Its customer base consists of legacy operations that move tile, flooring, plastics and metals. Start-ups, such as Bird scooters, also use Mothership.

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