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Trucker Benefits Means New Careers!

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Trucker benefits are rising! The US has been facing a trucker shortage for the past few years. Recently, it has hit an all-time low. This is largely in part to demographics. With the average age-range for truckers being the baby-boomer generation, many are starting to retire. The ATA has redesigned its benefits packages, increased pay and more. All to appeal to a new generation of truck drivers. A new career path is opening for you!

Trucker Benefits – Payments

Do you feel the need for freedom? Having a boss looking over your shoulder constantly can be stressful. The open road is a great way to be your own boss, work your own hours and allows you to see parts of the country that many have yet to see. On top of that, you get a benefits package and payment.

Healthcare Benefits

According to the ATA, there has been a sharp decline in new truck drivers. This has reformed the amount they are willing to offer for new CDL drivers. The demand keeps increasing, which means that if you have a clean record and want to join a new career path, you are on the right path to start a new career! Many trucking companies are now offering more in order to keep up with demand. Trucker benefits are on the rise!

Trucker Benefits

Something New and Exciting

Office jobs can be tiring. The day-in-day-out routine can put the spin on anyone. Luckily, for truck drivers, they have something new every day. Whether they are traveling across the country or staying in their state, there is always something new to look at.

Trucker Benefits – Flexibility

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, it’s always possible to land a job. If you want to change course and move, trucking allows you to scope out prospecting areas, and best of all, there will be work waiting for you when you get there. The benefits are endless!

You Will Always Have a Job

Trucking jobs are in abundance nowadays. If you have a designated and up-to-date Class A CDL license, you bet you’ll be able to find work. Where other jobs can be scarce in certain locations, that problem does not resonate with the trucking industry. Jobs are in abundance and they are looking for people to fill multiple positions!

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