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Maryland: Top 5 Most Popular Cars

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Maryland vehicle drivers are a unique breed, but they know what they’re buying. Below is a list of the top 5 vehicle purchases for Maryland in 2019.

Honda CR-V

The Hond CR-V is a tried and true vehicle. Honda’s reliability mixed with a spacious, multiple seated crossover is the perfect choice for many looking to fill the family vehicle spot. Its relatively low price mixed with the Honda reliability makes it the perfect choice for many Baltimorians. The CR-V gets upwards to 35 mpg highway mileage which is not only a cost-effective strategy for families but creates ease when driving long distances.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is next on our list. its sleek style encompasses a stylish and comfortable ride for many. With its effective fuel rating (32 mpg/highway) and exceptional price range, this car comes in at our 4-spot on the list. Currently, 3,907 Fusions are registered within the city of Baltimore. The numbers for customer satisfaction are absolutely there.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord tops most American city charts. With the same Honda reliability as the CR-V, the Accord has become one of the rock stars for most automotive consumers. You can absolutely not go wrong with and Accord. Even if you tried to kill it, good luck. It took me years to find where the tipping point on mine was, and it was exhaustive. It was actually more work to try to kill it than it was to maintain it. With a massive highway mileage of 34 mpg, the Accord is a staple in comfortable and effective vehicle engineering.

Maryland Second Place: Toyota Camry

Much like the Accord, the Camry provides safe and reliable transportation. If you thought the Accord was resilient, then take a look at the Camry. Most families opt for these cars specifically for that fact. Most family Camry’s become second hand to the children of the first purchasers. If you’re looking to give your son or daughter a hand-me-down first car. Then this is definitely the one.

Maryland Winner: Ford F-Series

With large scale development happening in the Baltimore area, many private contractors and construction workers opt for the classic pickup that can do it all. The Ford F-Series comes in multiple selections to handle your construction or hauling needs. Many can be bought used with higher mileage and still maintain the same results. The gas mileage is lower than the rest on this list simply because it is a truck meant for hauling) but many within the industry know that the For F-Series is where it is at.

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