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Staying Home Means Deliveries Are On Time

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While many of us are staying home and finding safety, the men and women who deliver goods across the country are finding an easier ride during this tough time. The decrease in traffic has led to open roads, safer conditions and faster deliveries.

Staying Home Means Less Traffic

Most major cities have enacted self-isolation standards throughout their districts. As such, fewer people are on the road. If you take a look at any photo from Los Angles to New York City, what you will find are completely empty streets and highways. In places like Los Angeles, downtown looks like it has been abandoned. This has worked well for the trucking industry. Fewer people on the road means less congestion and for truckers who need to deliver their cargo on time, this works out to their benefit.

Less Traffic Equal Less Risk

Risk management is critical in the trucking industry. Every year, trucking businesses big or small have an essential budget for truck insurance. While these insurance policies have not decreased due to the level of risk, the issues, overall have come down. Basic statistics show that with fewer cars on the road there will be fewer accidents. Thus, having the roads clear and open for truckers has shown to be beneficial, not just in making deliveries ahead of schedule and on time, but also for the safety of the drivers and the fleet.

Difficulties Still Facing Drivers

Lack of resources while on the road has been the biggest concern for many drivers. Toilet paper, hand sanitizer and essential food and water are limited to certain areas for truck drivers. While many are still on the road working long hours to get their shipments delivered, they have faced a shortage of essential supplies and rest areas. Yet, they still move forward. Without them, we have nothing.

Staying Home Provides Optimal Working Conditions for Essential Truck Drivers

Staying home is one of the most beneficial things that most citizens can do right now. This allows industry and stores the time to restock from the large scale panic-buying that has hit the industry hard. Only going out for essential supplies like food, prescriptions, and equipment allows for many drivers to reach their destination on time and safely. There is a lot of work to be done between now and when the dust settles, but the best and most important thing everyone can do, not only to stop the spread but also to provide safer methods for essential truck drivers to deliver their supplies on time and safely.

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