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Outdoor Dining To Open In Baltimore

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Outdoor dining is one of the largest topics for post-COVID-19 conditions. With many pushing for their states to reopen, the issues of potentially spreading the virus are a major concern.

On the other hand, while the states have closed down, many small businesses are looking to continue operations. Restaurants, bars, and hair salons are major components of America’s industry. Approximately 80% of the US runs on small shops and social areas.

Outdoor Dining For Reopening Baltimore

Many states have implemented their own methods for reopening. In places like Detroit, outdoor dining has reopened to the natural order of things. The city has implemented efforts to combat COVID-19 while allowing businesses to operate.

Baltimore is opening with the same permits. In order for a business to operate, they must follow a few rules for customer safety.

The city has worked extensively with local restaurants in order to help get their businesses back on track.

6-foots spacing for all patrons, as well as outdoor seating which requires the 6-foot measurement, will be required. While many bars and restaurants only have a small section of the sidewalk for outdoor seating, the city has also opened up specific streets that have low vehicle traffic. Businesses on the street have the ability to move their seating to designated zones. This allows for greater seating arrangements and the ability to better accommodate patrons.

Not all of the responsibly comes down to restaurants and bars. For patrons looking for a night out, they must also adhere to the 6-foot policy. Also, they must be required to wear a mask unless they are eating.

For some states and cities, reopening has created problems. While many must wear a mask, many are not thrilled. Although these reports of uncooperative citizens have shown they are arguing for the sake of arguing – or to make a scene, they must either be removed from the property or the business will lose its ability to serve the public. If a business is caught without adhering to the rules, they will be subject to either a fine or will have to shut down until the operations meet full safety standards.

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