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Hershey Park Reopens Amid Pandemic

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HERSHEY, Pa. – One of America’s most notable parks is now open for business. “We’re Open Baltimore” reads the intro to their website and in public announcements.

The park will open with strict safety procedures. All visitors will be required to wear a mask as well as have their temperature checked at the gate.

The park has released a set of guidelines for patrons to adhere to in order to promote a safe and healthy environment.

“As one of the leaders in the amusement industry, Hersheypark® has focused on the safety and enjoyment of our guests for more than 110 years.”

The guidelines feature everything from high-rate sanitation and cleaning to requiring all guests over the age of two to wear a mask for protection. This comes at a time when the US is fighting the hardest battle yet by COVID-19.

The park has not notified if it will operate at half capacity. Insisting that the overall steps being taken will ensure the safety of everyone.

Hershey Park Remains One Of The Oldest Parks In America

The theme park is one of America’s oldest. Its creation in 1903 is a staple of every other park you see today. From Six-Flags to Disney, all major parks take a page from Hershey.

With 4th of July weekend now underway, many are looking for adventure. Despite the threat of COVID-19, the park plans to cater to thousands over the break.

The park has chosen the perfect time to bring customers in as the country begins reopening despite being one of the worst-hit by the virus. Still, the fun in the sun for 4th caters to those who wish to not stay indoors despite the statistics that show America is on the fast track to nowhere.

Many can enjoy their favorite roller coasters and tasty treats. The rest must stay indoors to avoid being a catalyst for the virus.

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