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July 4th: Celebrate at Home

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Photo by Jill Wellington
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Enjoy your July 4th weekend at home this year. We know everyone would love to be out grilling, swimming, and watching the fireworks together. But the recent spike in COVID-19 cases has upset many public events and services and made large gatherings risky.

But many organizations are stepping in to help families celebrate the holiday remotely. The Dimenna Children’s History Museum has scheduled five hours of family-friendly activities. These events are educational and multi-cultural so everyone can enjoy them. Families will need to register for online events. The New York Historic Society will then send information about Zoom meetings.

July 4th Virtual Schedule

The fun starts at 10 AM EDT. Together, families across America can read Xochitl and the Flowers by Jorge Argueta. This story features Salvadorian immigrants creating a community with a backyard nursery. You’ll need paper and markers or colored pencils.

At 11 AM, there’s a sing-along! Sing about our country’s good times and bad. Songs will include “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and “When the Flag Goes By.” At the end of the sing-along, your family can do holiday-themed arts and crafts.

At noon, the Jackie Robinson Museum will look at his legacy. Though he was a great baseball player, he also fought for equal rights off the field. Museum volunteers will walk families through speeches, letters, photos, and newspaper columns. At the end of the lesson, they will invite everyone to talk about how Jackie Robinson has inspired them. You’ll need a big piece of paper, and something to color with.

At 1 PM, a historian will read and talk about Frederick Douglass’ July 4th speech. The title is “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” Then, children can design their own plaques for the bronze Douglass statue at the New York Historical Society. All you’ll need is paper and a pencil.

Lastly, families can create their own museums! At 2 PM, teachers will lead everyone through a “curator” activity. Children and parents will talk about their ancestors, cultures, and family stories. You’ll need a cookie sheet or large baking tray, coloring utensils, and household objects. You can even continue the activity on your own after the session is over!

It can be hard to make the best of bad times, but these activities are sure to bring some holiday cheer!

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