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Samsara Survey: Small Towns Get Big Transportation Rumbling Through

You are currently viewing Samsara Survey: Small Towns Get Big Transportation Rumbling Through
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Logistics technology giant, Samsara, recently took a gander at commercial transportation data in the current state of America. Three industries in particular show the consumer mobility. These three industries could’ve been anything, but in this case, they were transportation/warehousing, food/beverage and wholesale/retail. The following data just matches with the results that Samsara was able to access.

In order to provide a good body of analyses, Samsara put trip shares per month through comparison. This was regarding the top 200 cities found in the United States by population/population density. (That is to indicate the ratio of trips occuring in any city is comparable. Or to be able to compare to all the amount of trips that Samsara has put through analysis.) Analyzing the trip share, as a result, allows Samsara to regulate for any major rises or falls in overall U.S. commercial transportation activity. Therefore, isolating every city’s specific trend.


The Samsara findings so far?

  • Baltimore, Maryland was one of the cities with signifidant declines in trip share. Maybe the city with the most, actually. To begin with, Baltimore was met with a 43% decrease in trip share. This is in comparison of September this year, versus September last year.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has only made this trend explode in other cities suddenly.
  • The trip share overall has left bigger cities in favor of smaller towns in just the span of time a year takes.

This trend has since been seen as an impact on real estate as well. With scarce hints of “de-urbanization” flaring alive around the country, this could be a trend that Samsara reports would have effects beyond commercial transportation. It’s likelier still that the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a fundamental shift in every city’s landscape. This could then trickle down to impact industries beyond. Hospitality, retail and much, much more.

Ali Akhtar of Samsara, has the full data insights here.

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