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Subaru Struggles To Breaks Through With All-New Electric View

You are currently viewing Subaru Struggles To Breaks Through With All-New Electric View
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Subaru has made an announcement that they’ll be debuting an electric vehicle themselves, within the “first half of the 2020s.”

This lukewarm declaration tells the world that the likely departure from Subaru and their hybrid-heavy approach will happen in a matter of years. Well, no duh. But if you’re going to make a big roll-out of electric vehicles, why not at least make it more convincing than saying the size of the electric vehicle will be that of the modern-day Forester.

They barely even made this official through a European subsidiary. So you wonder how important it is to have an electric vehicle if there isn’t a lot of a marketing push for it… Could it be that they’re still a little tentative about how electric vehicles should work?

In Europe, the emission regulations can only tighten around Subaru.

And it’s not like it’s a bad thing to want to develop electric vehicles. Virtually, every automaker are making EVs. But the problem here is that everyone else is pushing for sooner and stronger products. If not to encourage the growth of eco-awareness, then to beat down the message that other automakers are creating of it. Profits-wise, it’s just not going to help Subaru.

They should not have to take their time while others are rolling out the EVs as early as now. And if relying on Toyota means anything, it means that they’re going to be waiting a while before any profits show to the party.

The best thing one should do when it comes to taking a while to creating electric vehicles, in our honest opinion, is to make the wait worthwhile.

Come up with some patent that makes the technology revolutionary in the field. That’s what Toyota is trying to do, even if they’re in the same boat, with solid-state batteries. So why can’t Subaru too?

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