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Diesel Aftertreatment Shouldn’t Discourage Simple Maintenance

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Diesel after treatment tends to haunt any driver these days. Typically, because there is a warning in the lights on the dashboard. But a repair bill is coming into four figures. Go figure if it reaches in the five figures. The bill is usually spent on simple diagnostics. But days can turn into weeks and issues like these could be a hindrance in many ways. Affordable solutions fade per recurrence. Dash lights form upside-down triangles. Laptop screens fill up with codes that aren’t easy to understand. Yet, the truck payments and credit card bills are all plenty crazy enough for owner-operators to doubt their choices. Is it all really suppossed to be a worry under warranty? Investing in newer models with a light range on the odometer seems more often than not to prove that a brand-new diesel should still come with a particulate filter.

The newer truck is likely to have less issues. Therein lies trouble from the second half of 2020. When really the commercial transport rig is just approaching 500,000 miles? Then, the rig is being taken in for maintenance, which is also a good thing for the sensor replacements. Likely, some instances happen where the truck could navigate only a short whiles at five miles per hour before completely breaking down.

Granted, the truck, as powerful as it may be, had to tow itself over to the ultimate shop having worked on the aftertreatment system.

Diesel is a feasible problem!

Once more, a computer diagnostic check had been made to scope out through video what internal parts were really causing all the problems. Finally, in that instance, the issue is found in the DPF. Which is then undergoing cleaning and replacement procedures.

From there, the NOx had to be changed too. So what’s the moral anyway? One would easily say that diesel trucks deserve to be checked in on all the time. The other would say you should cut your losses and lease. I say, tell your parents you love them. And use your truck diesel problems to escape the woes of holidays.

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