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Fiat Comes Forward With A Statement That Shocks The World: EV 2030

You are currently viewing Fiat Comes Forward With A Statement That Shocks The World: EV 2030
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Fiat, the Italian automaker, is going on record by detailing how they’ll be making and selling only electric vehicles by the year 2030. This is certainly an announcement I don’t think anyone was expecting them to make. Like they’re a gas-powered provider through and through. And the thing about electric vehicles is that they’re likely to overpopulate the auto industry before long. This is as much a surprise as it is not. The reason why it might not be is because a large number of brands in the industry are following Fiat’s lead. There are car companies that are not trying to really produce any more gas-guzzlers.

And yet, Fiat?! It is a little heartwarming.

As stated in a goal they published per the statement, they plan to “bring to market electric cars that cost no more than those with an internal combustion engine, as soon as we can, in line with the falling costs of batteries.” At least, that’s what been made the latest by their CEO Oliver François. A fully-electric fleet may even come sooner. Say, around 2025. The brand has some convertible and three-door forms. Such as the Nuova 500, which originally launches as an electric city car.

This certainly is some possibility of good news for the Italian carmaker. In the wake of the corona virus, Fiat had been able to move about 815 units in all of 2021. However, it’s also been cut down to the United States to the 500X Crossover. The story tells a different ending in Europe, where the company’s presence is obviously much stronger. This can be properly seen over the next several years as Fiat fights to never have their car owners sell their rides.

The company themselves is exploring whatever other initiatives that are deemed practical to make occur. There is also urban planning solutions that can ease the adoption of EVs and reduce emissions all at once.

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