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Companies Testing Autonomous Vehicle Technologies Report Crashes

You are currently viewing Companies Testing Autonomous Vehicle Technologies Report Crashes
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More than 100 companies are testing autonomous vehicles or autonomous driving technologies in the U.S. now. A new Standing General Order has been issuing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding them specifically. It will require all of let the federal government know when any of their AVs are involving in a crash. That is in fact more serious than a traditional fender bender. In fact, there is a policy change from the prior presidential administration. This took place when the Department of Transportation said it does not want to dissuade innovation with too many regulations.

Companies are Going to Receive Orders for Specific Crash Information

108 autonomous technology companies got the order by NHTSA. The companies range from Aimotive to Zoox, too. To, in fact, let them know that they are now responsible for submitting detailed crash information. This is when there has been a crash. As well as a car’s Automated Driving Systems (ADS) or Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) was, in fact, engaged. Moreover, Level 2 ADAS includes many commonplace safety features on today’s vehicles. These would include things such as lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control and branded collections of these technologies. They include Tesla’s Autopilot and GM’s Super Cruise.

Standing General Order

The Standing General Order discusses the fast-moving evolution of these technologies. This is in addition to their testing of new technologies and the features on publicly accessible roads. It is, in fact, critical for NHTSA to exercise vigorous oversight over possible safety defects in vehicles. They operate with ADS and Level 2 ADAS.” Moreover, NHTSA does need this information to keep the roads safe for all users. That, in fact, is why companies have to report incidents that involve deploying, someone who is dying or being sent to the hospital, moreover, a vehicle that ended up being towed, or if, in fact, someone outside the vehicle, like pedestrians or bicyclists, was involved.

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