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Policies That are New With Rollouts are Needing More Collaboration

You are currently viewing Policies That are New With Rollouts are Needing More Collaboration
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Policies are uncertain and disjoined regarding what our City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby wants to do. This is in an effort to double down on her plan to permanently stop prosecuting what she is calling “low-level” offenses.

Policies: Public Safety Value

“In fact, it is clearing shows the data suggesting that there is no public safety value in prosecuting these low-level offenses,” Mosby said at the time.

Therefore, her supposed selective enforcement of the law has some experts saying there continues to be confusion on the war on crime. In fact, the city’s top crime-fighting agencies, including Baltimore Police, are increasingly not on the same page.

Different Paths but Same Objective

“It seems we are all in the woods but, however, everyone is going on different paths. They hope to get to the same objective,” said Dr. Tyrone Powers, a former FBI agent. “Moreover, everyone is taking different methods to some objective down the road. And, in a city like this, we need the methods to be integrated into each other if you really want to see the reduction in crime.”

Policies Need to Get Past a Disconnect to Achieve a Cohesive Rollout

In fact, Dr. Powers says he does agree with the intent of Marilyn Mosby’s policies, however, believes there may be a disconnect with the rollout.

Quilt of Agencies

“It has to be one quilt of all the agencies. That is if we’re going to dramatically reduce crime and reduce murders in this city of Baltimore,” Powers said. ‘Otherwise, you’re going to have this disorganization. Moreover, you are going to have chaos, and thus chaos never leads to a successful resolution of the issues that you’re facing.”

New Policies

Publicly saying they are on board with the new policies are Mayor Brandon Scott and Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison. Marilyn Mosby made the announcement on her own. Moreover, neither Scott nor Harrison were, in fact, present at her news conference last month. It has lead to some confusion, on if there was, in fact, a really united front.

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