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Chevrolet Silverado 2022 HD Configurator Goes Live

You are currently viewing Chevrolet Silverado 2022 HD Configurator Goes Live
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The Chevrolet Silverado 2020 HD for the 2022 model year was not changed much by General. In fact, the heavy-duty pickup does retail from $35,300 excluding taxes and options. Therefore, the online configurator does list Greenstone Metallic as the replacement for the prior year’s Oxford Brown Metallic.

Chevrolet Silverado 2022 Newest Items

What is called newities do further include 20-inch aluminum wheels with a machined face, gloss-black accents, and simulated bead locks. In fact, these wheels aren’t offering on the base trim level, which does carry the Work Truck moniker for apparent reasons. Thus, under regular production order code A2X, the Detroit-based automaker, moreover, does offer a 10-way power driver’s seat for the Custom trim.

Exterior Accessories

It seems now what is available on every grade with every cabin style, box length, and powertrain. The Multi-Flex Tailgate brings some more utility to the heavy-duty workhorse. In fact, the customers cannot specify the tailgate without extra elective equipment on certain specifications that include the 2500 HD 2WD Regular Cab Long Bed Work Truck.

In fact, the continuing semiconductor crisis has, moreover, taken its toll on the Silverado, too. Then, for the 2022 model year, Chevrolet has limited the availability of the heated second-row outboard seats. This would apply to the 2022 GMC Sierra HD lineup. It is offering at $36,200 and $37,400.

The standard engine comes in the form of a 6.6-liter pushrod V8 with 401 horsepower. As well as 464-pound feet of torque developed at 4,000 revolutions per minute. Then the free-breathing engine is, in fact, paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. It is developing for heavy-duty applications by General Motors. Because the 6.6-liter Duramax turbo-diesel is more like it because it puts out 445 horsepower and 910 pound-feet of torque from 1,600 revolutions per minute. Codenamed the L5P, this engine has a 10-speed automatic transmission which is branding, Allison. Though, it was developing or supplying by this Indianapolis-based firm.

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