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Digital IDs, Driver’s Licenses Used on iPhones and Apple Watches

You are currently viewing Digital IDs, Driver’s Licenses Used on iPhones and Apple Watches
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New Digital IDs and Driver’s Licenses, if you have an iPhone or Apple Watch, is where you can store them in a Mid-Atlantic region state.

Selfie and Picture of License

When you are you’re flying, it will only take a selfie or a picture of your license. You will no longer need to show the real thing. Maryland is among the eight states, that will soon let anyone with an iPhone or Apple Watch store, their ID or driver’s license in the Wallet app.

Digital IDs, Driver’s Licenses TSA Checkpoint

Moreover, you can use that at the airport and have special lanes for those customers. In fact, you can walk up to the checkpoint. Then you can show them your boarding pass. It is, in fact, already on your phone, also. Then you tap your phone to the TSA terminal. Moreover, there is a little message that is going to pop up on your phone. In fact, it will say the TSA does want to know some things about you,” explains Markus Rauschecker. He is the Cybersecurity Program Director with the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security. Then, it is no longer needing your physical wallet or driver’s license. Moreover, it may be faster and convenient when you’re flying from Baltimore to Houston. However is it safer, though?

Showing ID in Different Situations

“In fact, the question is what other scenarios might this be applicable in?” Rauschecker asks. However, he is saying people are already talking about other situations like showing ID at a bar or during police stops.

The first confirmed locations for this are at the TSA checkpoints. Then, the TSA does say only those using biometric identification like face or touch ID will, in fact, be able to show the digital ID.

Using biometric identification like face or touch ID can show the digital ID, the TSA says. In fact, Apple says neither the company nor states will know when or where users will present their IDs. Moreover, they can assure customers that all data is encrypted.

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