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“Safer on Campus Task Force” Launched for College Vaccinations

You are currently viewing “Safer on Campus Task Force” Launched for College Vaccinations
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“Safer on Campus Task Force” was, in fact, announced in a press release provided by the school on Oct. 22. It will outline the group’s objective to therefore establish the requirement for COVID-19 vaccination by the start of the spring semester next January.

“Safer on Campus Task Force”: Contain the Spread of COVID-19!

“The goal is to contain the spread of the Corona Virus for CSM to reopen at full capacity. In fact, the best way to accomplish that goal is to require vaccinations of the employees and students,” College of Southern Maryland President Maureen Murphy said.

On October 15th, the nine-member task force did convene to examine the best practices for implementing a vaccination strategy. This would be to examine the best practices that are using by other colleges and universities.

The examination about possible exemptions, which include religious, medical, Americans with Disabilities Act-related exceptions, and other associated exemptions will be doing by the task force.

By Thanksgiving, there will be a recommendation for a vaccine mandate.

The semester began in August mostly online with classes at the College of Southern Maryland.

In fact, there are about 40% of the school’s classes are operating in person, according to Murphy. They are in person and in socially distanced settings.

There will be enhancing cleaning of class spaces with extra time between classes. It will be built into the schedule. Also, individuals who are visiting the campus are being requiring to take a health survey before they are allowed on the campus.

Assessment on Safe App

In fact, the students can fill out the assessment using the school’s CSM Safe App. It does provide students with a colored QR Code when you complete it.

The students who do not receive a red QR code are, in fact, advised to not return to the campus. Also, students are being requiring to show their codes if asking.

Also, face masks are being requiring inside all indoor spaces.

The information campaign has begun by the college to educate students on the possible mandate. It would include a video series with regional health officers to answer what are calling the frequently asking questions.

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