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Ferrari BR20 is a Wealthy Whiz-Bang Of Cool Coupe History

You are currently viewing Ferrari BR20 is a Wealthy Whiz-Bang Of Cool Coupe History
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Ferrari does sell thousands of cars every year, yet there is only a very small handful of buyers who are fortunate enough and rich enough to design their own. The Italian firm’s latest one-off, called the BR20, is a GTC4Lusso-based tribute to the historic V12-powered coupes that literally did steer clear of retro design cues.

One-of-Kind Supercar

Moreover, one would not see visually that the one-of-a-kind supercar that is related to the GTC4Lusso. The front end has been totally redesigning with a reshaping grille with smaller headlights. The biggest changes are outback. There is a breadvan-like roofline. It has been drastically flattering to give the car a silhouette that could receive a fastback label. During the 1950s and 1960s, Ferrari did not that the BR20 which was nuancing with some references some of the coupes like the 500 Superfast. Therefore, in the terms of styling and philosophy that is without adopting what is an overly heritage-laced look.

Parts Created Just for the Ferrari BR20

However, there are many parts that were creating specifically for the BR20. They include the headlights aforementioned, plus 20-inch wheels, and the exhaust tips. The GTC4Lusso’s basic layout includes the four round air vents and the big screen on the center stack. It is very recognizable right away. Requesting two shades of brown leather upholstery, the customer did commission the BR20. It comes with white cross-stitching and many carbon fiber accents. In fact, the roof line has more rake which is requiring to remove the rear seats. Therefore, these are not stripping out race cars. Moreover, Ferrari would not leave the space empty. It is fitting with a parcel shelf that features oak and leather surfaces.

The BR20 has mechanical specifications that have not been published as of yet. Therefore, we know the BR20 is powering by a V12 engine. This engine sends its power to the four wheels. The GTC4Lusso, for context, went out of production in 2020.

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