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Jeep Gladiator 4xe Refreshes in Favor of Increased Tech Options

You are currently viewing Jeep Gladiator 4xe Refreshes in Favor of Increased Tech Options
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Jeep engineers have done a lot of work under the body of the JL-series Wrangler. Also, there has been a refresh for the 2021 model year and its increased tech options. These include the V8-powered 392, the fat-tired Willys Xtreme Recon, and the 4Xe plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The Gladiator 4xe is on sale in the U.S. until the 2024 model year. Also, the product planners have prioritized the Wrangler’s mid-cycle update. This is anticipated for the 2023 model years. Moreover, the Gladiator does get its turns for a light makeover the following year. What is called the load-hugger is said to be making the changes to the Wrangle and adding what is being called a very popular PHEV drivetrain. It does serve the Wrangler and the 2022 Grand Cherokee. Also, the nuts and bolts of that propulsion system are a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder assisted by a 17-kWh battery that works with two electric motors. In fact, what is the total system output. It does stand at 375 horsepower. Plus 470 pound-feet. However, it is possible those numbers can change after the refresh.

Jeep Gladiator 4xe

The Wrangler 4xe what the EPA rates it at miles per gallon equivalent. This is by far the best of the Wrangler bunch. It has 21 miles of pure-electric driving. The carmaker Jeep has said it expects the Grand Cherokee 4xe to return 57 MPGe. This is because it is due to the Grand Cherokee being more friendly to aerodynamics. Then what is considered to be the shoebox-shaped Wrangler. Therefore, because the Jeep Gladiator does weigh about 500 pounds more than the Wrangler while it is being just as dismissive of wind resistance. Then don’t be surprised if the Gladiator’s EPA figures get pruning some of them compared to its really hardcore SUV brother.  

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