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BMW M2 Not Anticipated to Carry the Same Company Charm

You are currently viewing BMW M2 Not Anticipated to Carry the Same Company Charm
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BMW 2-Series 2022 was unveiling last year and the famed car designer Frank Stephenson has been especially critical of its design.

Moreover, in all likelihood, the new M2 Coupe is going to look very similar to the M240i. It will have some more aggressive bumpers, a new grille, and some aerodynamic upgrades. In fact, nevertheless, designer TheSketchMonkey has, in fact, decided to imagine how the new M2 could, in fact, look. That is if the automaker was to make some big alterations to it. In fact, the BMW M2 is a high-performance version of the BMW 2 Series automobile that was developed by BMW’s motorsport division, BMW M GmbH.


Speaking about the design of the new M240i, the YouTuber says the car looks very static. Also, it doesn’t have the same sense of motion as the previous-generation 2-Series Coupe. The hood of the new car looks way too long and is especially critical of the front and rear graphics. From the side, the M240i’s short rear deck, lowkey lip spoiler, and 19-inch wheels give it almost perfect proportions. The only thing keeping the 2er from achieving that “golden ratio” is its elongated nose; there’s too much front overhang.

Therefore, to transform the design of the new 2-Series Coupe, TheSketchMonkey does take design inspiration from the BMW CSL Concept. It is one of his favorite BMW models from recent times. In fact, the modifications start at the front end where there is an enlarged splitter and headlights lifted directly from the CSL Concept, and much to our surprise, they do suit the shape of the 2-Series Coupe very nicely.

Controversial Triangle Front Air Intakes

Also, elsewhere, the design overhauled the shape of the controversial triangle front air intakes that are founding on the M240i. Moreover, the car is also sitting on a new set of wheels, and some changes have also been made to its sides, thus making it slightly more striking and muscular.

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