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Our Ultimate Moving Checklist for 2022

You are currently viewing Our Ultimate Moving Checklist for 2022
Take a look at our checklist before you move!
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Moving is hard for everyone. Even in the best of times, moving is a huge challenge, but there are things you can do that can make things easier for you. Here’s our moving checklist to help you out.

Label everything

You can save yourself a huge headache at the other end by labeling all of your boxes and bags well. Even just a couple of words in sharpie can clarify what kinds of things are in each container. This way, you won’t have to spend time tediously going through boxes looking for specific items.

It also helps to think about the things you’ll use at the other end. Tools, cleaning supplies, and daily essentials should be labeled and packed in as late as possible so they can be found quickly. The last thing you want at the end of your move is to have to rifle through boxes looking for a screwdriver.

Clear out some of the clutter

Of course, when you’re moving, you’re going to cull some of the unnecessary clutter in your life. It’s a simple truth that not everything can be moved, and everyone has some extra junk lying around that they can part ways with. But how can you know what you can get rid of?

Think about what things you can get anywhere. Sure, it’s a bummer to have to buy post-it notes again, but are post-it notes worth the hassle of packing them up? Anything that takes up a decent amount of space or is simply not worth the space should find a new home. After all, you’ll have plenty of time to shore up your new home.

Leave some things to the pros

Moving is hard enough, but it will be even harder if you try to do everything yourself. That’s why there’s a whole industry of professionals who can help with some of the most difficult tasks. So, when making your moving checklist, think about what things you can delegate to others.

For example, it’s very easy to throw out your back while lifting something far too heavy. Even if it’s not a particularly heavy object, a whole day (or couple of days) of moving will take it out of anybody. Hiring professional movers for your large items is an easy way to help yourself keep going.

And, if you have a car you need to transport, we know you’d prefer to not have to drive too much yourself. Luckily, our team can ship your car fast and safely with ease!

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