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Transporting a Non-Running Car

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Finding the best way to ship your non-running car is easy once you know what to look out for.
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You may have a car that is not in working order, but you need to move it. Either you need to take it to the mechanic or even the salvage yard. If you need to move it further than across town, you’re going to need to find a way to ship your car. However, is it even possible to ship a car that doesn’t run? The good news is that shipping a car that doesn’t run is no more difficult than shipping a car that is in perfect working order. The key is to know the right questions to ask, so there are no snags along the way. Finding the best way to ship your non-running car is easy once you know what to look out for.

If you need to transport a non-running car, you can’t just call any regular auto-transporter. You will need to find a trailer with a winch to pull the non-running car onto the trailer. Additionally, if there are any extra accommodations related to body panels or doors that are no longer working or flush with the body, you may need to take additional action. This is because most trailers transport standard stock vehicles and cannot handle protruding parts. This is also the case if your vehicle has any aftermarket parts that may change the clearance. Either way, you may have to pay extra for a special trailer or if your vehicle has to take more than one spot on the trailer.

Things that could prevent transport of a non-running car

The biggest contributing factor is whether your car can still roll and steer. If it can’t, it’s going to be harder to get your car on the trailer. This may require you to ship your car on its own separate trailer, which will add to the cost. Additionally, the pickup location may not have enough room for all the equipment needed to get your non-running car onto the trailer. If you can fix the car enough to roll and steer, you can save some money in the process. You could end up saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Not having the keys

The keys may not turn on the car, but they do unlock the steering and allow you to place the car in neutral. Most shipping companies will not even look at your car if it doesn’t have the keys.

Your Non-Running Car is not Easily Accessible.

If the car is collecting dust and weeds in a field, it may be too difficult to pull out. Or if the car is in a cluttered garage or inaccessible location. The best thing is to try to move the car to the side of the road on your own. If you can push your car to the curb, you can be sure you can get it transported.

Your Non-Running Car Leaks

The shipping company may deny your car if it has any major leaks. Not only is this a safety reason, but also because there are going to be other cars on the trailer. If oil leaks onto these cars, then the shipping company is liable for any damages. They are not going to ship a car that will cause damage that costs more than the shipping price.

Lots of loose parts

If the body panels are falling off the car and the hood doesn’t latch closed, it’s going to be hard to secure the car down onto the trailer. Furthermore, non-running cars are going to have additional tie-downs than running cars. If the shipping company isn’t confident that your car can be safely latched down, they will not accept your vehicle.

Get Your Non-Running Car Shipped Fast and Easily

If you can push your car to the street, make sure there are no leaking fluids, and the body isn’t going to cause any issues securing the non-running car to the trailer, then you should be in good shape. If so, you can be sure to have your car shipped anywhere you need it to go. Be it the state car auction or to a friend in Hawaii who works on cars. Either way, it is imperative to work closely with your shipping company to be clear about all the issues that might come up when shipping your car. This way, you’re not charged for the trailer coming all the way there and not picking up your non-running car. The last thing to note is that you’re going to want to opt for door-to-door shipping. This way, the trailer will arrive right at the address the car is at and you won’t have to worry about moving it any more than you have to.

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