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How Do Gas Prices Affect Car Shipping?

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Gas Prices aren't the only thing that affects shipping prices
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It is no secret that fuel prices are bordering on price gouging right now. Many people have turned their annual road trips into stay-cations or opted to take a train to save money. Unfortunately, if you have to ship your car for a move or auto show, you may be wondering how gas prices will affect your shipment. Luckily, gas prices are only one of the many factors that determine the price of shipping a car. Depending on the way you need to ship your car, you may not even notice the gas prices. There are some things you should be aware of to capitalize on the best car shipping prices.

Shipping Prices Don’t just Depend on Gas Prices.

Car shipping prices are not set in stone. It is true that the fluctuations in gas prices have some say in car shipping, but there are other factors too. More often than not, these other factors have a lot more to do with the price of shipping a car than the price at the pump. The biggest price factor is actually the season you decide to ship.

Heavy weather can cause delays and reroutes, which would in turn raise the cost of shipping your car. This makes location a huge factor in car shipping. It would make sense to avoid the winter by shipping in the summer, but that season is not much better. Sure, you can avoid some detours and road closures, but the summer season is the busy season. Everyone needs to move during the summer, which makes finding an auto shipper exceedingly difficult in the summer months. There’s more competition to get your car on a trailer, which means that these spots often go to the highest bidder. If you choose to ship in the fall, after schools are back in session and before the big winter storms, you could save tons of money, even if gas prices are sky high.

The Trailer You Pick Has a lot More to do with the Price.

There are tons of different trailer options to ship your car. Most people choose open transport. This is the most common and, therefore, the least expensive. Those are the double-decker trailers that hold anywhere between six and ten cars. It’s so cheap to ship this way not only because there are plenty of options to choose from, but also because there are multiple cars on the trailer. When you ship your car on a trailer like this, you are essentially splitting costs between all of the cars on the trailer. These costs include gas prices, toll roads, and special permits they may need. Now, if your car is too big or has specialty features that make it difficult to ship on an open trailer, you may have to pay more.

Larger trucks and SUVs, for example, may have to pay for two spots on the trailer. Ten compact cars may fit on the trailer, but only six pickup trucks. Obviously, a driver will make more money shipping ten cars than six. This means that drivers will charge you for the number of spots your car takes rather than the car itself. Some vehicles can’t fit on the trailer at all. They may have aftermarket parts or ground clearance that just doesn’t allow you to ship them on a trailer. If you need to ship on a trailer that only has a few other cars or if your car is the only car on the trailer, all of those costs are coming straight out of your own pocket.

Gas Prices do Matter, just not as much as you think.

If you decide to ship on an open transport trailer with eight other vehicles to help split the costs, you may barely even notice the increased gas prices. There are more than enough other cars to help carry the weight of that cost. You will notice the changes more if you book in the wrong season or need a transport trailer that only takes your car. The good news is that means there are ways to save money on your shipment no matter the price of gas.

Save Money on Your Next Car Shipment

The best way to save money on your shipment is to be flexible. If you need your car shipped on a specific day on a specific trailer, the price is going to be the same no matter what. However, if you can shift your dates around and don’t mind the trailer, you can shop around for the best price. Ask to see if there are any partially full trailers nearby that could pick up your vehicle. Drivers hate driving with a partially full trailer. As we said, the number of cars on the trailer divvies up the costs. If the trailer’s not full, the drivers are not making their full profits. They may offer you a discounted rate if you’re really flexible so they can fill their trailer in a hurry.

If you’re flexible about the day you ship as well as the trailer, you won’t even notice gas prices. Try to avoid busy three-day weekends, heavy seasonal weather, and busy summer vacation crowds. If you must ship during these times, then ask your shipping company about any future dates coming up. You may have to leave your car with a family member or trusted friend for a few days, but it may be worth it.

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