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Questions We Get Asked About Car Transport

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Shipping your car on an open carrier like this can save you money.
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As a top car transport company in the Baltimore area, we often get asked questions by new customers. This makes sense: most people don’t know how car transport works until they need to use it. We’re happy to answer any questions that people may have about our excellent service. Here are a few that we get asked commonly:

How long will my shipment take?

The length of your shipment depends on a lot of factors. The biggest one is the distance we have to cover. If you’re shipping from Baltimore to, say, San Diego, it’ll take a little longer than if we’re just taking your car to Richmond. The service you choose will also affect the time it takes. Open transport is generally easier to schedule, meaning that it’s quicker to get from you deciding to ship your car to you having it at your destination. Enclosed transport is a little more specialized, making it harder to schedule a carrier that can transport your car.

What affects the cost of a car shipment?

The cost of car transport is one of the biggest questions that people have about it. However, it’s hard to say exactly how much a particular car transport will cost because there are so many factors at play. Here are a few of those factors that affect the cost of car transport.

The service you choose

Of course, some of our services are more expensive than others. Our budget option is standard open car transport, which carries your vehicle with up to eight others on the back of an open carrier. Enclosed transport is a little more pricey because of the extra protection it provides for your vehicle. And we have other options, like expedited transport, that provide you with extra convenience for an additional cost.

The type of vehicle you have

Different vehicles come with different costs for transport. Standard four-door sedans are the cheapest to ship because most car carriers are designed with them in mind. Larger trucks and vans will cost more to ship because they take up more space on the carriers. And if you have an extremely heavy vehicle, we also do heavy hauling, though this service will cost quite a bit.

The time of year

Yes, even the time of the year can affect your cost! This is a classic supply and demand phenomenon. Summer is often one of the most expensive times to ship a car because of how many people are moving. The demand makes it harder to schedule carriers, leading to each spot on a carrier costing more. If you’re trying to ship your car on a budget, we usually recommend shipping during the fall, as fewer people are moving. Fall is a slower time for car transport companies, which we encourage our customers to take advantage of.

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