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How We Handle Exotic Car Transport

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Ship your exotic car with the pros at Baltimore Car Transport!
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When you own an exotic car, you know that it needs special attention. Baltimore Car Transport knows this too, which is why we’ve developed our exotic vehicle shipping service to reflect the unique needs of these vehicles. We make it clear to our team that these cars need special attention. Here’s what we do to ensure your exotic car gets shipped without trouble.

We Transport Exotic Vehicles in Enclosed Trailers

The biggest concern with exotic cars is that something will damage them during transport. These cars are unique, rare, and, of course, expensive. Not only would any repairs be incredibly costly, but they may not even be possible!

That’s why Baltimore Car Transport recommends that you ship your exotic car in an enclosed trailer. Enclosed trailers provide the most security for your exotic vehicle. Your car will be completely protected from the elements, from road debris, and even from people looking to get a chance at stealing your car.

There are multiple types of enclosed trailers to choose from. Many of our exotic car owners choose hot shot enclosed transport for their vehicles. With this service, their car gets its own dedicated enclosed trailer, further ensuring its complete security. No matter which service you wind up choosing, though, you’ll know that your car is 100% secure.

We Bring Them Right to Your Door

While exotic cars can be fun to drive, it isn’t always the best idea to drive them everywhere. If you encounter poorly maintained or dirty roads, your car could wind up with scratches and dings that may be nearly impossible to fix. Because of this, our exotic car transport service includes door-to-door service. With this service, your exotic car will stay with our safe and careful drivers for as long as possible. Thanks to our experience with routing and driving, our team knows all the ins and outs of getting a car to your front door looking just like the day you bought it.

Door-to-door service doesn’t just keep your car in tip-top shape; it also saves you tons of time! This way, you can sit back and continue your everyday life as usual. When we’ve done all the work of moving your exotic car, we’ll bring it right to you.

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