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Winter Car Shipping Tips

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During the winter time, enclosed car transport is best.
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Winter is a beautiful time of year. However, all that cold and snow can cause problems for lots of industries. The car transport industry is one of those. Shipping a car in the winter comes with some unique considerations you’ll need to make. If you’re planning on hiring a car shipper during the holiday season, make sure you follow these tips to get the best experience possible.

Plan Your Winter Car Shipment Well in Advance

During the winter months, most people want to spend time with their families, and car haulers are no exception to this rule. This makes it harder to schedule car shipments, especially on short notice. However, if we have more time to schedule your shipment, we can guarantee that we’ll find someone for your car’s journey.

It’s also worth noting that the winter months are very popular for snowbirds moving southward. This means that the early winter months are busier than a lot of other times for shipping. January gets hit especially hard by this problem, so if you need to ship in January, you should schedule at least a month in advance to ensure we’ll have space on our carriers.

Prepare for Delays

Unsurprisingly, winter transport experiences far more frequent delays than in other seasons. Not only do rain and snow often cause delays on our routes, but they may even force us to change our usual routes entirely. With this in mind, you should have a plan in place for what you’ll do if you don’t get your car immediately. And if you absolutely need your car by a certain date, you may want to move your shipping date up by a few days to ensure it’s there on time.

However, it isn’t just the weather that makes winter hauls take longer. In the winter, the days are shorter, which reduces the amount of time when it’s safe for car haulers to be on the road. If you need to ship a car during the colder seasons, make sure you temper your expectations for how quick it’ll be.

Enclosed Car Shipping Is More Valuable in the Winter

When you need to ship a car in the winter, we’re more likely to recommend enclosed car shipping. That’s because the chance of rain or snow damage to your car in the winter is much higher. With enclosed shipping, however, you can avoid any risk of weather-related damage to your vehicle. Therefore, we suggest that you consider enclosed transport much more seriously in the winter.

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