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What Goes Into the Cost of Auto Shipping?

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Thinking about what changes the price of shipping? We've got you!
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Why do your car shipping quotes vary so much from shipper to shipper? Why do they sometimes change drastically from week to week? It may not be immediately clear to you what goes into the cost of auto shipping. If you’re confused as to why your car shipment costs what it does, we’re here to help you get some clarity.

The First Factor: Your Auto Shipping Service

The biggest thing that impacts the cost you pay to ship your car is what kind of service you choose. Do you want the enhanced security of enclosed shipping? Do you need your car ASAP, necessitating expedited transport? These questions will definitely impact your final price. Any additional service beyond our standard open car shipping will add to the price that you eventually wind up paying. So, if you’re concerned about your budget, the best way to save on your car shipment is to choose open shipping.

The Second Factor: Your Timing

This may come as a surprise, but the timing of your auto shipping order really impacts the ultimate cost. There are certain times of year (usually summer) when tons of people reach out for our services, meaning the space on our carriers is in much higher demand. This works in the other direction, too: if you request a shipment during one of our slower times, we’ll usually reduce the cost of your shipment. Timing can even affect the cost of your shipment within a week, as traffic patterns and requests for weekend shipping can increase your price. The timing of your request can drastically change what you wind up paying in the end.

And Finally: Luck

The last thing that goes into the cost of car transport is simply luck. Car transport companies are always trying to maximize their efficiency, which means they want to fill up their carriers completely. If we’re looking for one more person to fill the last spot on a carrier and you happen to be that person, your shipment will usually cost less. Weather can also affect your shipment in interesting ways. It can delay your shipment, which may affect the price you pay depending on how flexible you’re willing to be with your dates. We try to map out everything we can before we give you your shipping quote, but we can’t know everything. Sometimes, luck plays a role in what you pay for our services.

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