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2024 BMW M3 CS Trades Weight For Power

You are currently viewing 2024 BMW M3 CS Trades Weight For Power
BMW has a bright future.
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BMW is one of the most committed car makers on the market. They know how to appeal to a mass market with the cars that they create. Quite literally, they do it for sport. Such an example of this was the BMW M3. It’s the type of car that pursues maximum boost, as it retains a higher power output. BMW was able to return the twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six in order to recreate about 40 horsepower beyond that of the 503 horsepower competition. Beyond that, there’s 70 more horses than what could be found in the standard 473-horsepower M3. All for a total of 543 horsepower. With plenty of the additional power results coming from raised boost pressure from 24.7 psi in the Comp to around 30.5 psi in the CS. Torque tends to be similar for both versions, being the normal and the Competition edition.

In what ways has BMW improved upon a masterpiece?

They have started by separating the M3 CS from the other cars in the lineup with the fact that it has higher power output. All thanks to the straight-six. Furthermore, there’s a dedicated cooling system that can handle extra torque while enduring the edge of race tracks in particular. Plus, the engine mounts can give off a stronger connection between the engine and the car’s structure.

The M3 CS additionally shows off an eight-speed automatic transmission with rear-biased all-wheel drive. It’s even exciting that the M Setup menu allows drivers to jump from the xDrive 4WD to 4WD Sport modes. In which case, more torque is sent back to the rear wheels. Similar to the all-wheel-drive Competition, drivers looking for separate shenanigans are able to switch off stability control and even activate some 2WD. That of which can send power straight to the rear wheels. The BMW claims how the rockets push it from zero to 60 miles per hour in only 3.2 seconds. So far, the top speed peaks at about 188 miles per hour.

Another plus here is how it delivers plenty of carbon fiber goodness. BMW decidedly made the bold move of removing heavier aspects of the M3 CS’s infrastructure by providing plenty of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. And there’s plenty that can be made from this material. Such as the roof, the hood, the front air intakes, the rear diffuser, the rear spoiler, the shift paddles and even the interior trim strips. Yes, indeed, it’s much lighter with a titanium rear silencer fitting perfectly on the exhaust.

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