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Governor Wes Moore And His Thoughts On Maryland’s Next Move

You are currently viewing Governor Wes Moore And His Thoughts On Maryland’s Next Move
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Maryland is a special state in that it’s still warmly welcoming it’s own Governor, Wes Moore, into the helm. He has his work cut out for him, needless to say. The former military captain has the challenge ahead of him to navigate the course of problems that come with high murder rates, unusual car-jackings and constant petty theft, as well as other crimes. In fact, the sad truth of this all is how Governor Moore still is pushing forth, without realizing it takes more than a positive attitude to enact change. Of course, there’s been a matter of having knowing Governor Moore has a big part to play in education. Given that he wants it to grow the leaders of tomorrow so that Maryland is safe in good hands. Additionally, there’s an increased need for accountability, according to him, with criminals still running rampant with actions that show they need to experience enough of a lesson-learning so that they don’t choose to further act on impunity.

Another concern of Governor Moore’s happens to be the education crisis where the governance structure shows limits to the direct influence upon the school administration. Yet, Governor Moore is pretty positive that there is a likelihood for common ground, given the opportunity to join with legislature in order to show off new policies that are entirely driven on highlighting transparency and accountability, all within school governance.

Maryland, in itself, has much racism left over, in the sense that the black population in particular is totally marginalized. In Baltimore, the education system and the crime records might very well stir the Governor Wes Moore into getting some things done correctly so that there’s no more problems that can terrorize the people of Maryland. Governor Moore is hoping to get certain tasks done in spite of the dangers that remain.

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